• A.I.I.C. International Association for Civil Commitment 

  • Body of professional training in cooperation with Enterprises, Local Bodies and Universities 

The International Association for Civil Commitment is a non-profit organization created in Messina, Italy, in 1988 to protect the rights of the citizens and further local resources both at a social and economic level. Since its foundation the A.I.I.C. has undertaken several activities aiming at developing the civil and democratic awareness in the fight against the organized crime and the spreading practice of corruption, usury and extortion; awakening the public opinion to social problems such as drug, alcohol and AIDS; fostering art and culture.  

However, the organization is mainly engaged in combating youth unemployment, especially in the regions of  Sicily, Calabria and Puglia. This fight is carried on by fostering human resources and investing on professional qualification, permanent training, development of the enterprise culture, preservation of traditional local jobs and of the cultural and artistic heritage.

In line with this aim of A.I.I.C., the Association carried out many activities that helped the participants to mature. Among them it is important to include 20 professional training courses – co-funded by the European Social Fund – in addition to two projects linked to the P.O.M. and two linked to the P.I.C. Employment, the Volet Youthstart and the Volet Now. This qualified about 500 unemployed young people from Sicily, Calabria and Puglia who then can get into the new job market.   

Being in charge of these courses let the Association to enjoy an effective collaboration with advisors, professionals and experts in different fields and to strengthen working relationships with University Institutes and Bodies for professional training that are known nationwide, Moral Bodies, companies and professional associations.

             The Association coordinates a large network of  associations, cooperatives, social companies, cultural institutions etc.

 Since 1990 it has been managing many projects financed by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Labour Found with funds from the Regional Labour Councillorship: 

1.      Training course for “European Reporter” in collaboration with the most important newspapers and regional television stations

2.      Two courses for enterprise manager

3.      Courses in tourist marketing

4.      Courses for expert in precious stones

5.      Two courses for expert in architectonic restoration

6.      Courses for expert in international trade

7.      Various courses for expert in informatics

8.      Courses for cutter of precious stones

9.      Various courses for agricultural enterprises manager and for farm holiday manager;

10.  Several courses for goldsmith

11.  Courses for artistic handcrafts ( ceramics, wood, forged iron…)

12.  Courses for social operator

 In 1996 A.I.I.C. organized and financed the Interregional Project “Magna Grecia” n. 0459/E2/Y/M with funds from the Ministry of Labour and the E.S.F. . During the development of the project it supervised the starting up of the enterprises, the research and the Trainers Training, vocational activities and it hold five courses addressed to 70 young people.  

·        The Project involves Greece,  France (2 partners), England, Germany, Spain (2 partners) in a transnational partnership.

  In 1998 it organized and funded the Interregional Project “Forgepam” for equal opportunities n. 0459/E2/Y/M with funds from the Ministry of Labour and the E.S.F., proposed by the University of Messina and “CoNISMa” (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario delle Scienze del Mare – National Consortium of the Universities of  Naval Sciences) with 28 Italian universities for the training of sea experts.

 ·        The project involves France, England, Germany, Spain as transnational partners.

 In 2002 the Regional Labour Councillorship financed two projects with the funds from the European Social Fund: 

1.      Infotech Project

2.      Medea Project  

In 2006 the Regional Labour Councillorship funded two projects with funds from the European Social Fund:

  1. Integrated hydrology system
  2. Work safety

 All projects include English or a second foreign language teaching. 

The A.I.I.C. is involved in other transnational projects: 

  1. In 2000 and in 2001 two projects linked with the “Leonardo Da Vinci” programme
  2. In 2001 one project was approved: 

Socrates-Grundtvig 2: 2Ei (Employabilité Européenne Interculturelle). It lasted three years.

 - In 2002 one project was approved: 

Socrates-Grundtvig 2: Social Tourism in the Mediterranean Area. 

- In 2005 a pilot project Socrates-Grundtvig1 was approved: 

euSDET – Enlarged European Sustainable Development Training Course. 

- In 2005 a project Socrates-Grundtvig 2 was approved: 

Raoul (3 years).

 It involves a network of Italian Bodies such as A.U. C. I. S., the Consortium for the Cooperation and the Euro- Mediterranean Development of the Third Countries, the Consortium Incomparable Land, the Literary Park “S. Quasimodo” etc.

A.I.I.C. enjoys good work relationship with public local Bodies such as the Municipality of Messina  and the University of Messina. 

The Association, with other public and private Bodies, has created the Literary Park “S. Quasimodo”, financed by the European Fund of Regional Development as pilot project for the cultural tourism. Furthermore, it has been developing activities with social aims.