Agenda Regional Seminar at Tallinn University

Saturday (June 18, 2011), Campus of Tallinn University, Mare Building, room M-134

09:30 Registration
10.00 Opening Session
10.15-13.00 First Session
  1. Difficulties in reading and writing. What is a diverse learner? (Eeva Siirala, Finland)
  2. Dyslexia three level basic framework by Utah Frith        
    (Kadi Lukanenok, Estonia)
  3. Reading and writing difficulties among adults: A course sketch for Grundtvig 3 (Ene Mägi, Estonia)
  4. Studies on adult reading difficulties in Estonia. Results of BDA test. (Ene Varik, Estonia)
13.00-14.00 Lunch at Campus of Tallinn University

14.00-16.00 Second Session

  1. Klankenbergh (mountain of phonemes). Method for dyslectic oriented adult literacy (Jolanda van den Bergh, Holland)
  2. Peer learning ideas in HERO activities (Satu Hirvonen, Finland)
  3. Software for dyslectic peoples (Luca Grandi, Italy)

  4. Workshops and discussion
16:00 Closing Session