Contact seminar


Antwerp-Brussels 27-31/5/09

Programme proposal

Wednesday 27 th of May ARRIVAL ANTWERP, Congress centre Elzenveld

14.00 Optional for early arrivers: Guided Tour historical centre Antwerp

18.00 Registration and information (documents, working groups)

19.00 Welcome session: get to know the participants- expectations

20.00 Welcome dinner

Thursday 28 th of May Congress centre Antwerp INTRODUCTION

09.30 Presentation of the DYS-LEARN partners

10.30 Dys-learning adults: Awareness: an introduction by Dr. Elleni Rossides, New Hope Cyprus.

11.00 Dys-learning adults: Screening & assessment by Dr Olga Zelinkova,

Czech Dyslexia Association

11.25 Coffee break

11.40 Dys-learning adults: Intervention & support by Dr. Eva Wigfors, Lund University (SW)

12.05 Dys-learning adults: Problemsolving in Lifelong Learning and at the work floor. Good practice. The case of Bjorn by Rune J. Kvarme, The Learning Network, Oslo (NO).

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Dys-learning in Europe: European state of the art on dyslexia.

Survey of 9 European countries: policy, good practice, urgent needs.

BE (W. Aerts), CY (E. Rossides), CZ (L. Krejcova), FI (E. Siirala), IT (A. Gagliano), NL (H. van de Velde), NO (M. Gronmer), SW (A. Lavesonn), TRK (G. Gûr)

15.30 Question time for participants.

16.00 Coffee break

16.30 A European policy on dyslexia? Preparation to the study visit at the European Parliament: follow up

- Overview of the European Discrimination Act, & Written declaration on dyslexia by W. Aerts (?)

- Presentation of the DYS-LEARNING Declaration by Eeva Siirala, FINDER (FI)

17.30 End working sessions

19.30 Dinner

Friday 29 th of May Study Visit Brussels

08.30 Departure coach to Brussels

09.30 Check in European Parliament (Passport –identity card)

10.00 Meeting MP’s and/or collaborators at the European Parliament:

A. Contribution of the DYS-LEARN Partnership: 60’

  • Dyslexia a learning disorder also for adults! Eleni Rossides Cy

  • Dyslexia on the workfloor: a challenge! by Hans van de Velde NL

  • Dyslexia: Lifelong needs by Lenka Krejcova or Olga Zelinkova CZ

  • The Costs and benefits: the Norwegian model by Arne J. Kvarme NO

  • The DYS-LEARN manifest for a better Eu- policy for adults with learning difficulties: a challenge for adult education in the information society by Eeva Siirala Fi

B. Reply by the representants of the European Parliament: 40’

C. Debate with Dys-learn partners and participants at the seminar: 30’

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Study visit European Parliament

16.00 Free time at the historical centre for shopping and/or tourism

20.30 Return to Antwerp

Saturday 30 th of May Contact Seminar Congress Centre Antwerp

09.30 European projects: Learning Partnerships and Multilateral projects: the aims, the advantages, the methods and approach from application to dissemination. Mobility actions: in service training, job shadowing, volunteer’s exchanges

Lecture by Ms. Renilde Reynders, Flemish National Agency, Epos
11.15 Coffee Break

11.30 Speaker’s corner: short presentation by Dys-Learn partners and participants (Eva Wigfors, Rune J. Kvarme, Olga Zelinkova, W. Aerts) of

      • some mobility actions about Dys-Learning

      • some Learning Partnerships on Dys-learning

      • some Multilateral projects Dys-learning

12.15 Formation of working groups for future partnerships (chairs & report)

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Application session: simulation of the composition of partnerships and the filling in of an application form for LP’s and multilateral European projects.

16.15 Coffee break

16.30 Presentation of the results of the group work and feedback by Ms. Renilde Reynders on the results and the process.

17.30 Individual evaluation of the contact seminar. (Form)

20.00 Fare well dinner

Sunday 31 th of May Departure Antwerp

10.00 Optional: Guided Tour historical centre Antwerp

12.00 Departure hotel congress centre Elzenveld.