Equal Woman is Efficient

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V Meeting

Budapest(UNGHERIA) 26-28/02/2015



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Kaunas(LITUANIA) 01-05/10/2014



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Santa Coloma de Gramenet - Barcellona





European countries are losing their competitive strengths in global economics while having manpower reserves. Many women, mainly those in the age 50+, stay out of the labour market because of ineffective VET. Gender-oriented methods of training and education of adult women are very often missing in sets of VET teachers and trainers´(VET t/ts) professional competences. Improvement of professional competences of VET t/ts, increasing their motivation to train women more efficiently, and providing them with examples of efficient, training methods with application of elements of emotional intelligence, is the main aim of the project EWE. The project will also address the managers of VET organisations with the aim of sharing good practices in joining VET and other personal services (such as consultancy, mentoring and other) for enhancing of employability of these women. A woman, realising her strengths, knowledge and competences, and knowing how to constantly improve them, and how to present them, is a big asset for the labour market.
Partners from 7 countries will share and exchange experience with VET of women at 7 thematic workshops, held in scope of 6 transnational meetings, where they will generate new, more efficient training methods by joining elements of existing methods, used in partners´countries. The innovative methods description will become a part of a methodological handbook, which is the main outcome of the project EWE. Important part of the project will be networking and dissemination of project outcomes in partners' countries and beyond. Partners will spread the project outcomes among other VET t/ts to maximise their effects. For this purpose, also a project website will be built.


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