Date: February 2006

Project no.: 22493-CP-1-2005-1-ML – GRUNDTVIG – G11


 Celtas BV International Projects -Netherland

 Associazione Internazionale Impegno Civile – Italy

 ACARE Environnement – France

 Rigas Tehniska Universitate – Latvia

 MacDAC Engineering Consultancy  Bureau – Malta

 Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti - Romania

 Americanski Universitet – Bulgaria

 Alytaus Kolegija - Lithuania

 Camera de Comert Industrie si Agricultura  Bistrita – Nasaud – Romania


This group of European countries has started the Eusdet project on the 1st of October 2005 as a result of a meeting in Taormina in february 2005 where the plan was written.

Some partners have already cooperated in a similar kind of project called SDIT, that ran for 3 years, including a renewal.

In december 2005 the partnership held the kick off meeting in Roccalumera in Sicily where we made the plans for the work package  till the next meeting in February in Rabat, Malta.

Each partner knows the task for the organisation and works hard to deliver the agreed material in time.

Besides that we will publish a two montly newsletter for interested persons, organisations, colleges, embassy’s, National Agency’s and  the European Commission.


In this newsletter you will find the information about the project,  interesting web sites, news on Sustainable Development and issues prepared by the partners.

In every newsletter we will highlighte  one partner and also publish the tribute from the National Agency.


Feel free to send in any copy that you think that is worth to publish in this Eusdet newsletter, that will be send around Europe.





On 1st May 2004, the EU has been enlarged by another 10 countries and more are about to join.     This enlargement needs to bring with it a proactive involvement of European citizens to efficiently understand and employ the concepts involved in Sustainable Development  (SD).  Since the Word Summits in Rio de Janeiro (1992) and Johannesburg (2002), sustainable development (SD)  has become an internationally recognised principle and goal.   As a matter of fact, this is one of the Annual Priorieties set out in the SOCRATES call for 2004/5.     This is also reflected in the Lisbon European Council strategic goal.     European citizens therefore need to be urgently trained in less theoretical and more practical ways if they are to be realistically motivated in being core drivers for achieving SD by 2010.   This situation indicates the urgent need of providing adequate training to European adults (e.g. females upbringing their children) that for some reason are not aware, or have not had the opportunity of learning on the concept SD.  To achieve this goal, there is a need to first train adult trainers about the concept of SD - this is necessary becase SD is a complex subject: there are many aspects, levels, problems and questions that if inadequately understood,  concrete steps towards achieving it could be blocked.  The aim of this project is to precicely create a Grundtvig 1 course on Sustainable Development for adult trainers.









Every newsletter will highlite one of the partners of this project. We start with the coordinating company.


Celtas BV International projects


Celtas is a company with several years experience in the International field.

We have participated and coordinated many projects in the last 15 years and we are open to any new project proposal.


Celtas BV is private organisation that explores a lot of International activities. Celtas BV has already a long experience in various International Projects all over Europe.

We focus on the new Europe and work in European perspective. In our projects we hope to participate and cooperate with EU members, new EU members and coming EU members to stimulate the idea of European cooperation

We believe that the understanding between people will be successful if we communicate and cooperate to achieve a specific project target. 

For more then 15 years we have developed exchanges between colleges and organisations

all over Europe  and are well aware of the targets and problems in this field.

We  participate in various EU projects such as Leonardo and Socrates ,we are open to every new proposal.

As we have links in every European country we can also link colleges and help to find partners in these countries.

We also have a 20 years experience in education, primary, secondary and vocational education. This gives us the opportunity to make combinations between educational and social projects, related to place  people on the labour market. We have expertise  in training and placement solutions for nearly every target group







Celtas International Projects:


  • Celtas has links with colleges and organisations in various fields in all European countries.
  • In a period of 15 years we realised student exchanges between Holland, United  Kingdom, Germany and Austria.
  • At the moment we place students in internships all over Europe on individual basis, especially in Spain and England.
  • We made several curriculum comparisons in Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • We took part in more then ten International seminars on European level.
  • Celtas organised study visits with several colleges to Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • We set up a study visit to Romania to develop the initiative for exchanges and projects with Dutch colleges.
  • We participated in projects from Leonardo and others in Austria, United Kingdom, Italy , Latvia and Germany.
  • We participated  in a Vocational Leonardo project coordinated by Latvia, together with partners from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
  • We participated in Grundtvig project with the University of Riga in Latvia
  • We participated in a Leonardo project : Improving Vocational Education in Electronical Engineering and Electronics with Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy and England
  • We coordinated a Grundtvig 2 project about Sustainable Development with Latvia, Belgium, Malta and Italy
  • We participate in a Leonardo project with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and partners from MT, LT and IT  called Implementation of an innovative model and self sustainable system of ECDL CAD training/testing centre




The first partner meeting was held in Roccalumera, on the island of Sicily where we developed our work plan and made appointments for the duration of EuSDet.

Our second Eusdet will be held in Rabat on the Island of Malta on the 24 and  25th of February. Information about Malta you can find on www.visitmalta.com

Web site


WEBSITE:  our project website is: www.mecb.com.mt/eusdet.html




The first day of the meeting the partners from IT,MT, FR and NL were hosted by The Lions Club of Santa Teresa in Taormina.

The second day partners from NL,MT and IT were interviewd by Radio Libera 77 and Radio Phenomena Network to provide information about the Eusdet Project. This interview is downloadable from www.radiolibera77.it