The RAOUL Ideas and Resources Pack – how to persuade more people to learn languages for work




  1. Introduction – why is this necessary? (Political messages; economic and financial reasons; broadening people’s horizons; better understanding of cultures, differences and similarities)


  1. How do you reach people who do not learn? Working with intermediaries.


  • Where do you find them? – Information. Cooperation and collaboration
  • Who can help to find them? - Information
  • How do you get them to talk to you? – resources (posters; media inserts; interviews; presentations) Adopting models that haved worked for other services and organisations.


  1. When you’ve reached them what do you say?


  • How are languages used in workplaces? (case studies; presentations; quizzes; video; audio)
  • What do people gain from being able to use another language in the work place? (case studies; video –ed interviews; facts and figures work sheets)
  • What is learning a language like? (taster sessions; case studies; demonstration lessons; case studies from teachers and learners; pictures; facts and figures – how can you learn, how much does it cost; how long does it take etc.; certificates)
  • What do you need to do to be successful at language learning? (Information about the basic requirements for learning; information about how learners who might not have the basics may be supported; resources and strategies for maintaining motivation in language learning)
  • How do people find teaching and the support they need to be successful (information sheets (where? How? When? How much?; diagnosis work sheets (what kind of learner am I? what kind of learning should I look for?)


  1. How might this resource pack be used?


  • To train people to engage more learners
  • To train people in the messages that need to be given to reluctant learners
  • To resource an awareness raising session with potential learners
  • To contribute to awareness raising training with employers



This resource pack could be produced as a text, CDRom or web based tool – or a mixture of all of these