1.International Council for Solidarity of NGOs (ICANO) -TURKEY

ICANO  is a non-governmental umbrella organization which has more than 40 organizations working voluntarily in several sectors like education, culture, health, social services, family etc.

ICANO cooperates and coordinates member organizations to achieve their full potential and become more effective in their working areas which effects the world community’s quality of life and a better collective future.

Konur Sokak 36/15 Kızılay-Ankara-TURKEY 06640

Tel : +90 312 425 50 09 Mob.: +90 505 811 22 39

semsturk@yahoo.com  www.icano.org

PRO-MED sp. z op.o.


PRO-MED sp. z o. o. has been working in transnational European context since 1998.

Main services:

  • Installation, repair and maintenance of medical equipment
  • Translations and verifications of technical and medical literature and documentation
  • Adaptation and localization of Web pages
  • E-learning, blended learning courses development and delivery: Phare (1998-2000), Leonardo da Vinci (1998-2008), Socrates (1998-2007), EQUAL (2005-2008), Interreg (2005-2006), Lifelong Learning Programmes Grundtvig Partnership and Multilateral (2008-2013), Active Citizens - British Council (2011-2012)
  • Translation and localization of Polish Language Pack for Learning Management System (BSCW, WebCT, Moodle)

PRO-MED sp. z o. o.  80-952 Gdansk, Dolne Migowo 16 C, PPOLAND 

Tel/Fax : +48 58 348 70 89      http://www.pro-med.org.pl/                   http://utw.moodle.pl/


3. Federation of Music Societies Valencia (FSMCV) - SPAIN
The Federation of Music Societies Valencia (FSMCV) is an association of more than 40 years of existence that brings to 536 musical societies of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia, which make up the Valencian Community autonomous community of the Kingdom of Spain, with more of 200,000 members, 40,000 musicians and 60,000 students from music schools.

Among the many initiatives developed, are the international cultural activities within the European cultural cooperation project Grundtvig in collaboration with other working groups from other countries around us.

Sorní Street, no. 22, pta. 1 º 46004 Valencia SPAIN
Tel : +34 902 10 77 48   Fax : +3496 351 57 88
fsmcv@fsmcv.org    www.fsmcv.org


L’ADREP receives young  people or adult which have important risk of exclusion social (person from immigration or residant in infavourable district). ADREP manages important actions for enclase them and apprenticeship of competency.

ADREP is a cooperative directory and a advice of watch implant in Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur since 1982. First it is partnership and in 2000 a Society Cooperative.

ADREP works with:

- Local Mission

- Local Agencies For Employment

- Enterprises

- Social duties

6, Allée des Platanes 13770, VENELLES,

FR82 - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur FR – FRANCE

0033442959190 direction@adrep.fr  www.adrep.fr  

5.Art-Culture-Retraite-Transfert de Savoir – (A-C-R-T-S) - FRANCE

Our association has been established to fill a lack in the different associations in Carpentras specially about the transfer from seniors to young generations and all over the different problems they have to solve.

A-C-R-T-S is working with many others associations in Carpentras(painters, poets and several craftsmen...) It is also working with different towns all round us which use to organize many expositions like sightseeing about wine cellar, olive oil, painters,pottery,sculpture, clock making...).

A-C-R-T-S wants to have a share in this project to settle its action near the seniors who already retired or soon retired who want to share this knowledge, know the solution given by the others partners so that many of members will be able to know what's practice somewhere else.

25 rue de la porte d'orange 84200  Carpentras, FR82 - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Tel : +33 04 90 65 66 48  - 04 90 65 66 48 pierre.sarrade@laposte.net 

6. Consorzio La Terra Impareggiabile  ( associated  partner )

7. Club Amici di Quasimodo ( Sezione Senior ) – Via Di Bella – Antica Stazione Ferroviaria –

ROCCALUMERA (ME) Italy  -   ( associated  partner )