Project  "L.L.L.E."

ANNO 2012

Carpentras (FRANCIA)  30/06 - 06/07  2012

Valencia (SPAGNA)

19-23 Gennaio 2012

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    The project has been funded with support from the European Commission.



The project LLLE (Learning in Later Life - Europe) has partners from Poland, Turkey, Spain and France. This project LLLE was approved by the EU in July 2011 and runs until August 2013.

The project aims to exchange forms of learning in later life  and to investigate some areas that may have great importance for learning activities in later life, and in which many older people are engaged, such as handcrafts, culture, arts and music. During the project the participating organisations will share their experiences and know how in this field, having insights into practice in other countries and collecting good practices.

The LLLE project will enable older people and teachers from different countries, with different cultures and religions to meet and to share their experiences and knowledge. The approach to lifelong learning through practices like doing handicrafts, painting or singing for instance will bring people together - overbearing cultural or language barriers. In this way the LLLE project will improve exchanges between older people from different countries, with different cultures and religions, promote inter-generational activities, participation in the University of the Third Age, active citizenship and the spirit of European citizenship.

The LLLE partnership consists of organisations and older people and will cooperate to establish and expand a network for life long learning in senior age focused on organisations and older people themselves in the field of handicrafts, culture, arts and music.


- Project partners and older people will share and exchange experiences, knowledge and good practice in the field of later life learning, handicrafts, arts and culture.

- Activities in the field of culture, handicrafts or art in the partner countries

- Improving the approach to later life learning through handicrafts, arts and culture

- Promoting cooperation between institutions and older people and facilitate the transfer of information

- Developing a LLLE handbook with results of the projects

- Dissemination and exploitation of the results








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